How To Hide Your Photos on android

How To Hide Your Photos on android

hide your photo from gallery

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Image hiding feature: Some Xiaomi phones have a proprietary file hiding method. To access this feature, open the “File Manager” app on your phone and find an option like “Hidden Files” or “File Hider”. You can move your photos to a hidden folder and they will no longer be in the gallery

How To Hide Your Photos on android

⇒  Step 1:-

First open the gallery and you can see 2 options in the header as Photos or albums.

⇒  Step 2:-

Click the Albums option


⇒  Step 3:-

Scroll  & Swipe down from the top and it will show a popup. (release to open the private folder).

⇒  Step 4:-

Release to open private folder: you can see  a logo with “release to open private folder” text.

Leave it here. A new display will appear.

⇒ Step 5:-

Set a new pattern for the hidden folder.

Draw a password of your choice

Step 6:-

Draw that pattern again for the hidden folder.

Boom your hidden folder is created. ©

*You can hide a photo by simply renaming the photo. Use a file manager app or your own File Manager to find the photo, long press on it and select the option to rename it. Change the file extension to something that corresponds to the other format, such as “.txt” or “.dat”. The photo will still be on your phone, but won’t be visible in your gallery or as a photo file*

Note : that these methods may only provide minimal privacy, but they are not completely private. If someone has access to your phone or knows where it might be, they can still find hidden photos It’s always a good idea to use additional security measures like a secure lock screen pattern, PIN, or fingerprint/face unlock to keep your device safe.

If your phone doesn’t have the inbuilt option, you can download a third-party app like “Vaulty” or “Keepsafe” etc. from the Google Play Store. These apps allow you to create a safe, password-protected space where you can store your personal photos and videos. Know more …